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  • News - 17/06/2021
    Llamado a becas Conicet Read more

  • News - 25/07/2019
    Interview with Doctors Taihú Pire and Ernesto Kofman, who reveal more details about PUE- CIFASIS. Read more

  • News - 12/03/2019
    Award for Best Electronic Poster of Research Work Read more

  • News - 31/10/2018
    ISOBUS workshop as a facilitator of innovation in precision agriculture Read more

  • News - 27/09/2018
    International Course on Precision Agriculture and Livestock Read more

  • News - 20/08/2018
    1st meeting in Fundamentals of Programming Languages (FunLeP) Read more

  • News - 05/08/2018
    Provincial Award for Doctoral Thesis in the Technologies Area Read more

  • News - 07/06/2018
    Dr. Ing. Natalia Iglesias visits the Institute for Cloud Computing und it Sicherheit Fakultaet Informatik, Hochschule Furtwangen. Read more

  • News - 04/06/2018
    Doctors Elizabeth Tapia and Pilar Bulacio participated in the Scientific Café organized by the Ministry of Science, Technology and Productive Innovation. Read more

  • News - 06/05/2018
    First field tests of the weed remover robot Read more

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